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Personal Reflections and Articles

Here are some personal reflections and articles by Dr. Robert Coambs.

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Dr. Robert B. Coambs, PhD has extensive training in the scientific method and human cognition, including the study of the relationships between human information processing and formal logic.

Dr. Coambs has conducted research, published extensively and specialized in:
• opioid addiction,
• benzodiazepine use
• tobacco control and most recently,
• prescription drug non-compliance

Dr. Coambs received his doctorate in Psychology from the University of Toronto.

He has been an Assistant Professor of Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the University of Toronto
He was Associate of the Centre for Health Promotion at the University of Toronto.

He is a member of the Canadian Council on Tobacco Control and a consultant to the Ontario Medical Association and to the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit.

He is listed in Canada’s Who’s Who.

Currently he is the President and CEO of Health Promotion Research, Inc.

Dr. Coambs specializes in the inappropriate utilization of prescription medicines and the cost for Canada of non-compliance. Dr. Coambs has conducted ground-breaking research into this area.

Dr. Coambs has developed program to help with compliance. He has conducted physician training on these topics and assisted both drug companies and pharmacies to incorporate strategies to assist in compliance.

Dr. Coambs is most gratified that these strategies have been employed thereby helping patients live longer and more productive lives. The programs also save significant dollars for insurance companies and the government by not having to deal with the medical problems caused by non-compliance.

Currently Dr. Coambs is using his scientific knowledge and expertise to help address the problems people are having with coping with their everyday lives.

One of his life goals is to use his knowledge and expertise to help create a better world and assist people to live more productive and fulfilled lives.