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Personal Reflections and Articles

Not everything I write is an idea or describes the Creativity Age. Sometimes I will share some personal reflections or opinions. These will be appear under the title Personal Reflections.

Reflections on the Peace Movement



Back in the 80’s, I became fascinated by the way the world was changing. Personal computers were just appearing on the scene. I was teaching classes on many different subjects (computers, psychology and management studies among others), and in each class I developed sections about the future. I discussed a world where information was available through a global information network (this was before the Internet) and where Creativity was king. I predicted the fall of the Soviet Empire by the end of the 80’s (no one believed it). I talked about changes to the world and changes in how people conduct their lives. I argued for the importance of certain developments, like the increase of openness as a cultural phenomenon, the move to a global culture, the rising equality of men and women and the need for constant redefinition of who a person is.

Then I got married and had kids, and moved into the more lucrative business of software design and testing. My specialty was designing user interfaces that really worked – that solved the problems users really had, not the problems the developers thought the users should have. I was good at it because I could spot a real solution a mile away, and I could think outside the box. I was not afraid to invent a fundamentally new paradigm which changed the way things are done for better. I believe that I invented the best word-processing interface ever devised.

Later, I worked in the field of software automation. Just as cars through the 20th century had gone from being manufactured in someone’s shed to huge robot-controlled factories, so software was making its first baby steps towards automated mass-production. I watched with fascination.

I became an expert in test automation and invented new ways which change the ways testing is done. (See Software Testing)

And I never stopped talking about the future.

Meanwhile, I watched as the Soviet Empire fell, as the Internet took hold, as the world became more and more global, as people and media became more and more open and society continued evolving just as I had talked about.

I realized two things: one was that my ability to see trends and extrapolate them was darned good. The other was that it was time to stop talking about the future and time to start doing something about it.

What held me back from doing this earlier was my inability to be an artist with words. Tough! It’s time for the ideas. You will need to concentrate on the ideas and tolerate the places where the words could have been more eloquent.

I believe in Creativity and the Creativity Age. I believe that there is always a new and better way. I know from long experience that when creative people work together, real solutions result. And that is what the Creativity Age is all about.

I invite you to explore the site, to contribute your ideas and to learn from the ideas of others.

Together, let’s build a future we can be proud of.