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This gives you an illustration of how different levels of service can be. Now I know this has to do with 3 individuals in three stores and may not reflect the general service level of any of these stores. But as stores should know one bad experience could make a customer shop somewhere else and a good experience may bring that customer back.

car_key.jpgOnce upon a time I bought a used car and got only one key. I decided to get some new one’s made. I went to Lowe’s and the sales clerk did not have the car keys with rubber at the end, but he did make me a metal one. He then suggested that I go around the corner to Home Depot and see if they have keys with the rubber covering at the end. I asked him why he would send me to a competitor, and he told me they would do the same. I got the feeling he was just wanting to solve my problem for me.

He then came with me to my car to make sure that they key worked properly. It was late and there were few people in the store. He kept up a pleasant conversation all the way to my car and back to the store.

I though this was pretty darn good service.

I then went to Home Depot around the corner. They also did not have keys with rubber at the end. The sales clerk made no suggestions what I should do.

The next day I went to Canadian Tire and the lady told me she could not make a key because it had an S on it. She told me there is a chip in the key. I looked at the key it looked like any ordinary key with some rubber on the handle. I don’t think Mercury made keys with chips in them in 1997. She had no suggestions and basically dismissed my problem. When I asked what I should do, she shrugged her shoulders and basically gave me the feeling that it was my tough luck and my problem was of no interets to her.

I immediately went to Home Depot right next door (a different one from the previous night) and there I had two keys made. They had the rubber ends. No hassle.

Now my reaction to this is that I want to shop at Lowe’s and not shop at Canadian Tire.

This is the essence of Customer Service.

The problem here is that in the future I will just go into a store, throw my key into a machine, press two copies and it will makes me two copies. Or even a little longer in the future, cars will recognize who we are, and we just open the door, so we won't need keys.

So the job of the person who provides that service is no longer there. Many of those service jobs may disappear because of the implementation of technology. Customer service will neeed to be better to outperform the coming automation.
What we want to discuss in this section is:
  • Where Customer Service will head in the Creativity Age?
  • How important is Customer Service?
  • New and creative ways to improve Customer Service?

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