Crime & Legal



Crime & Legal

This section examines various aspects of crime and the legal system. We want to look at how the legal system and crime prevention will function in the Creativity Age. We have enough sense of history to realize that utopia is not upon us, and in the future, people will still be committing crimes. We are interested int what future developments and creative ideas could decrease the number and severity of the crimes committed. We welcome creative ideas to make the legal system more effective.

Crime and Legal - How to Unclog the Court System
How To Get The Guns Off The Streets
Juvenile Crime - How to Prevent, Solve and Decrease Juvenile Crime
Juvenile Crime -- Clothes Make The Man
Juvenile-Crime -- Cooperation With The Police
Juvenile Crime -- Diversion
Juvenile Crime -- GPS Tracking
Juvenile Crime -- Earning Your Freedom
Juvenile Crime -- Monitoring Bail And Probation
Juvenile Crime -- Stop Disempowering Parents
Juvenile Crime -- Putting Away The Bad Apples
Juvenile Crime -- Good Music Produces Good People
How to Control Juvenile Crime, Part 2: Guitar Hero Should Teach a Skill


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