Our Mission - What We Are About

Created - July, 2009
By Richard Bornet

This is a prototype. What does that mean? Prototypes are developed to model and test out an idea. Seeing how people use the prototype and the feedback we get will give us a better idea on how to develop, expand and change this site.

This site is dedicated to moving us into the Creativity Age.

Creativity is the Future

I believe that the one of the most important skills that will affect humanity in this century is the ability to be creative. Creativity will provide people with not only solutions to problems, but also joy, meaning and excitement.This will become one of the elements that will define us in our humanness.

There are many reasons why I have come to this conclusion. As knowledge becomes more accessible and more available to everyone, what you know will become less important. You will always be able get the information you want, and if you can get it, I can get it. What then will differentiate you from me? Well, it is how we use that information. Once you have the information, you still have to do something with it. Those who can actually do something with the information will be more successful than those who cannot execute as well. The other thing which will differentiate people is the ability to be creative.

It is creativity that will be our focus. This site will try to look at human problems and human evolution, bringing to the forefront creative solutions which may guide us towards the future. We will not limit ourselves to social issues, but will look at all aspects of being human. We will suggest new products, new ways of doing things, investigate human interaction, relationships and who we are as people. We believe that every aspect of life can benefit when we apply creativity to make changes for the better.

Creativity Age

We are so convinced that creativity will be the single most defining characteristic of the human race in this century that we have defined this time as the Creativity Age.

On this site we describe a vision of the future and how humanity may evolve. This is described in some detail in:

Creative_Age_-_Future_of_the_world.jpgCreativity Age – The Future of the World.

I believe that we paint a picture of a better, more humane world. We have laid out a possible direction for humanity that may be worth exploring and moving towards. I also believe that even though the changes we are describing are unstoppable, we humans can affect the speed and how these changes are implemented. Finally I believe we have a moral responsibility to to make sure that, in the future, the positive far outweighs the negative.

Therefore, this site is dedicated to moving towards the Creativity Age.

Sharing our vision is only a start. We are interested in hearing your reactions, in listening to people who want to add more detail to our ideas or add areas that we have not covered.

The second thing we would like is to have you join us in formulating practical ways of getting there. We want to help you look at the issues that will confront us and come up with models, strategies and practical things that can be done to move humanity forward towards the Creativity Age.

But there is more:
We want this site to give people a glimpse of what the Creativity Age could look like. Our goal is for this site to be a place where we can prototype various aspects of the Creativity Age. We will start by sharing practical “creative” ideas. After all, it is creative ideas that will drive this century.

But we want go further by presenting applications, products, processes and strategies which will be part of the Creativity Age. We want to give you a glimpse of what may come.

Creative Ideas

sitting_around_and_gabbing.jpgHow many times have you sat around with a group of friends, your family, co-workers and strangers and come up with some ideas that could potentially change the world, or at least have a significant impact? Or you sat around and actually thought of a new product or a new way of doing things? I have experienced this on many occasions. Not every idea, service or product I have come up with (or heard) in these discussions has been brilliant, but once in a while a really good idea emerges to the forefront.

We believe this is a way to get those creative ideas out there, at least our ideas and the ideas of our friends to start with.

This site is dedicated to people’s ability to invent creative ideas.

What will drive and define the Creativity Age is the generation and implementation of new creative ideas. We want Creativity Age to act as a vehicle for distributing some of those ideas. We will start by distributing our own ideas, but we are interested in hearing from anyone who has clear and innovative ideas. For us to publish them they must be clear and written in simple language that a moderately intelligent person can understand. We are not interested in academic papers, or lots of big words. Often these treatises say little or obscure their gems in a lot of complicated and impressive-sounding language. We believe if you understand something it can be explained clearly, simply and without jargon.

How to Present Ideas

When we present creative ideas we will try to do it using the following format. We will present the idea and what problem is it supposed to solve. Then we will make suggestions on how would one implement this idea. This is a description of a practical implementation. ( i.e "We need to do this, this and that….")

This is a prerequisite. Without a clear picture of how to implement the idea in simple, straightforward language, we will be hesitant to publish it. But your writings do not have to be limited to those two. That is just a minimum requirement.

How to Test the Idea

You may want come up with a strategy on how one might test a specific idea. For instance, if you have an idea which could alleviate some aspect of poverty, it would be nice to know how it could be implemented and how would you measure its success? What is your dependent variable? How would one set-up the conditions to test it and measure the results? Wherever possible, be specific.

Some discussion of the ethics behind an idea may be necessary. For example, you could come up with an idea which solves a problem but seriously limits people’s freedom in a painful way. An ethical discussion has to take place.

Unintended Consequences

For many ideas a creative solution may look plausible, but there could be unintended consequences. Triple the price of cigarettes and the number of smokers will decrease. However, then one could create an illegal distribution network (organized crime) and the consequences of this may be worse than the problem we are trying to solve. I'm sure that many people who discuss what you write will try to point out unintended consequences. The question is, are these criticisms realistic or are they just people’s way to resist change or get their enjoyment from trashing others?

If you have something creative to say and can follow this format, please send it along. If it is a good fit, we will publish it. We will also publish constructive responses to your ideas. We want to hear from you.

Putting Together a Strategy

Now, how to present the material and how to have people input new ideas and expand on the ones presented? The usual way of blogs is that every one keeps commenting on everyone’s thoughts which may be fun but what, ultimately, is produced? Is there anything concrete one can take away from this type of exercise?

What we have decided to do is to structure this site differently. For each section the goal will be to create a concrete set of practical ideas, strategies, proposals and products which will solve problems and enhance lives.

The mixture and final end product will really depend on what the topic is and what people come up with.


referee.jpgFor each topic there will be a referee. The goals of the referee are multiple.
  • to select and incorporate the practical, good ideas.
  • to eliminate the rhetoric, political posturing and negativity which seems to infect the Internet. If you want to “trash talk”, don’t bother. There are many other places on the Internet where you can be venomous. We are building something.
  • to manage the documentation.

In most cases the referees will be the authors of the articles.

Since the site is refereed, and some of our referees have other lives the time it takes to post may be slow. We want at least to start with a certain tone of common creative exploration in an atmosphere which is positive.


We envision many threads to this site. What they will be we do not know yet. For now we can post what we have written and are interested in. Some of the topics we have started with are relationships, creativity, juvenile crime, global warming, software testing, user interfaces and usability, management, medicine. How this will evolve we don’t want to predict. It will probably be dictated by people’s submission and the resources we can throw at this.

Why Do This? What Motivates Us?

60s.jpgWe grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, when there was one prevailing belief and that was that we could change the world and make it a better place. Now many of us would recoil at some of the practical methods we supported in those days and are amazed by how much we could have changed our minds about some of the things that we were advocating. But the desire to affect change for the better has stayed. This is our effort to realize that dream.

As we get older some of us want to leave a little to the world that has nourished and nurtured us.

Some of Our Beliefs

We have several beliefs that we would like to permeate what we and you write.

The first is that being creative involves pushing the envelope, rejecting the status quo and in many cases being outrageous. So if we haven’t annoyed, offended or outraged you we haven’t been that creative. But we also want to charm you, make you laugh, challenge you to stretch your horizons, excite you, maybe at times thrill you to the point that you feel a rush throughout your body. If we make you think, stimulate you enough so you come up with improvements to our ideas, and, most of all, if you successfully implement an idea you read here, then we have succeeded.

Secondly there is an emphasis on the practical. How we implement this idea is as important as the idea itself. This needs to be communicated using common, simple language that any moderately intelligent person can understand.

Thirdly we want some detail to the ideas. Now what do we mean by this? We want this to be a place where serious people can lay out an idea and strategy for implementation. We want to give people the chance to seriously explore a topic. We will publish a significant amount of writing as long as it practical and written in straightforward English. On the other hand we probably won’t publish your long winded PhD dissertation. When you write ask yourself, “Where is the meat?” If the answer is right here, keep writing. We will also publish supporting documentation. For example, if you have a spreadsheet that backs up what you are saying we will include it.


power_of_u.jpgThe question that will undoubtedly arise will be what are our politics and the politics of the referees? Are we right, center or left, socialists or libertarians, politically correct or supporters of personal responsibility? Are we gay or heterosexual, of certain religious persuasions, black, white or of some other color? The answer is that the whole political paradigms are irrelevant to us.

Our goal is to come up with new and better solutions to what is confronting us. We are not seeking to support some ideology or belief structure, practical creative ideas are the goal. Creativity often comes from rejecting and re-inventing the status quo. So whatever beliefs you hold, our answer is there is a new and better way which may change or obsolete your current ideas.

The question is “Are we going to be doing the same thing 50 years from now?” The answer is probably not. So what may we be doing and how do we get there from here? The world should evolve and to be a better place for its inhabitants. Change should be for the good.


A final belief is that not everything has to be serious all the time. Humor is essential to life and creativity. Humor allows us to see the absurd and allows us to push the envelope or challenge the status quo. Sometimes a point can be made using humor that can’t be made as effectively using a serious tone. Humor is not essential, but if you sprinkle some humor in your writings, we won’t frown. At times we may publish a cartoon or a humor piece. Why shouldn’t being creative be fun? Why should we not laugh? It may be just one more reason to come back.

Remember that it’s not whether or not you agree with us, it’s whether you are pushed in some way to go deeper into the issue, to be more expansive, or are just able to function more successfully in the world. It’s possible that a really good idea may have started as a silly, irrelevant, stupid and immature or even a totally offensive comment. But someone saw the gem, and transformed it into something of value.

So Who is Paying?

earth-day-earth-in-hands.jpgRight now it comes from personal efforts of a few people. We first discussed having a magazine which could be obtained by subscription. This would limit the potential readership. Then we talked about advertising. The problem with accepting advertising is that we have found that advertisers almost always want to affect content, even when they do it subtly. You can say that editorial policy will not be compromised but if your livelihood depends on this then it is hard to avoid the pressure. So we have a strong motivation to be very selective when it comes to advertising.

One thing we have decided is to make available creative products and services. Some will come from us, some from cooperative ventures that we are involved in, and some will be totally independent. We will use the proceeds from these products to support ourselves and expand the Creativity Age. So if you like what you read, take a look at some of the products that we have to offer and consider purchasing them. Most of the money for these products goes to the people who worked on creating and producing the product. A percentage goes to supporting this effort.

If you have something truly creative and innovative that works and you would like to distribute it through us. Let us know.

We have a lot of creative ideas we would like to realize. Hopefully what we have put in place will allow us to realize these dreams.


Finally, there is one more belief that we share. For change to take place, we must assume that there is always a better way to do something. But there is also a state of human existence where we transcend the ordinary and experience magic. It would be so nice to, at least once in a while, create something new which is so wonderful, touches people’s souls so deeply that it is magical.

Hopefully the Creativity Age will become a magical place.

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