A Wireless Button On Each Restaurant Table To Call The Waiter

by Robert Coambs
Last update: June 1, 2010


Simple enough. Communication could be done by blue tooth, infra-red, or radio frequency.
There would be a small battery-operated box on each restaurant table, with a single call button on it. Let's suppose I'm at table 9. When I want a waiter/waitress, I can press the button. I don't have to look around, and try to flag the wait staff's attention. My waiter/waitress doesn't have to constantly look out of the corner of their eye, watching for hand gestures from me.

When I press the button, a signal would go to an inexpensive a personal computer somewhere in the room. The receiver/transmitter would probably be mounted on the ceiling somewhere. The signal from my button would inform the computer that table 9 wants something. Then the computer would send a signal to a small battery-operated unit on the belt of the wait staff. The unit would be about the size of a small cell phone, and it would make a distinctive ring tone, or vibrate, and light up a small LED display that would say "9".

That's about it. The system would be cheap, reliable, and easy to use. The call button would be right beside the ketchup bottle. As a customer, I would get more stuff more easily. This would increase restaurant revenue, and increase customer satisfaction. That would increase the tips. It would also make it easier to wait tables.

The human touch would still be there, because a button press would bring s smiling person. On a sudden impulse, I could get a Mai Tai, or some of that knockout chocolate brownie and dulche de leche ice cream that I just saw at the next table.

Whoever invents this will become a gillionaire, and after you do, please donate to Creativity Age! (And please bring me some of that knockout chocolate brownie with dulche de leche ice cream.)

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