10 Strategies to Increase World Peace

Started - October, 2009
Last content change - April, 2010

By Richard Bornet

It appears to me (and I figure the data will support me) that there is more and more peace in the world and fewer and fewer wars. This trend should continue. It is my belief that wars will become a thing of the past in the Creativity Age. Now why is that?

Let me quote again an example which I have frequently mentioned. Bear with me because I think it illustrates why the Creativity Age will not be a warlike epoch.

My son plays interactive games on Xbox Live. Yes, many of the games are warlike but the best games involve high degrees of cooperation between players who do not know each other. In any given game there may be players stretched around the globe; with players, for example, in Hong Kong, Brussels, Houston, Mexico City, Melbourne, Vancouver and my son in Toronto. All these individuals need to communicate with each other and cooperate to a high degree. These games are time limited and as the players wait for the next game they talk to each other. Where are you from? What do you do? How is the weather and so on? The fact that a group of disparate individuals from all over the world have come together to play a game seems perfectly natural to them.

The question on everyone’s mind will become, why would I go to war with the Chinese (for example) when exbox-live_1.jpgvery night my kids and their friends are playing video games with kids in Shanghai and Beijing? And this is repeated in millions and millions of households. Those kids are not the enemy, they are the kids with whom we just built a simulated city or played basketball or more likely played some kind of war game.

The interconnection between the people of the world is the greatest antidote to war. Now for this to happen, the people of the world with the help of their governments can take steps to literarily hurl us forward.

So here are some ideas. I believe if they are implemented they will increase the chance of actually having a world where peace is the norm and war is studied in history classes.

Here is a list of steps which will take place, but if we are cognizant and with government help we can accelerate.

1. One language

English_as_a_world_language.jpgThis may seem strange, but if we are to communicate it would be helpful to be able to speak the same language. Now it is possible that within the next ten years we can have computers doing instant translation good enough that conversations seem natural, but I would not hold your breath. I think a better strategy is that we just decide as a world that we will all learn to speak English. Why English? Because it is already the world language.

Set a world goal that every child by the time he or she finishes school will be able to fluently converse in English.

Now I can hear the screams and howls from the multi-cultural groups, political correct persons (PCPs) and Quebec separatists. My answer to these people is twofold. First, ths does not stop you from speaking other languages. Second, this piece is about fostering world peace. The ability for all of us to communicate is one giant leap in that direction. So ask yourself what is more important; keeping English out or world peace? I suspect that in many cases hatred of English will win out over caring for humanity.

2. Bring the Internet to everyone.

It’s one thing to have the language to communicate, it is another to have the mechanisms to do it. We are not talking about modem connections but super-fast Internet-Worldwide-Users-by-Region.pngconnections which not only allow access to web sites, but also allow full motion video. This allows us to talk and see the people we are talking to all over the world. Read my article on E-Commuting to see how this may look.

Transportation -The Future of E-Commuting

Governments, individuals and corporations should come together and put this infrastructure down EVERYWHERE. It should exist from the Congo, to Paraguay, to Indonesia, to Sri Lanka, Iran, Afghanistan, Vietnam and North Korea.

Governments should do everything in their power to get this in place and then get out of the way. Unfortunately, the more war like the government the more control it wants over the Internet. The Iranian government was so seriously challenged by the power of the Internet that they had to shut it down. The warlike despots cannot accept a free and accessible Internet. But these thugs are the people who make wars happen. Their days will be numbered.

This is not just a good thing but a great thing.

3. Increase economic cooperation between all people.

One of the features of the internet is that not only kids can cooperate, it similarly bridges geographical separation in adult business dealings. I remember one project I worked on Global_Citizens.jpgwhere there were people in Tampa, Australia, Calgary and Toronto working on a computer program together. We were all connected in a conference call and could see on our computer screen what we were all doing. The person in Sydney could write a line of code and the person in Tampa could augment it and everyone could discuss this.

This is what I am talking about. Groups of people could come together for business ventures and other activities to work cooperatively. Where you are physically will no longer matter. This kind of global cooperation will take place within companies, between companies and between individuals. Groups of people will come together to solve problems, create businesses and interact socially.

If we are all doing this we are not going to war against our friends, partners or customers.

The word for this is the globalization of all human endeavors. We remain local but are connected globally. Protesters fighting globalization are really myopic. They too have to decide if they want world peace or if they want to stay insulated and parochial.

4. End countries

With the exception of civil wars, most wars are fought between countries. Decrease the “us / them” mentality which countries deman of us and we will decrease wars. In Europe two World Wars were fought between many countries in Europe. Do you realla_pangea_3.jpgy believe that there will be another war between the countries that belong to the EU?

The more we break down borders and the more we allow for the free movement of people, goods and ideas the more we will move towards a golden peace.

I am perfectly aware that if we just opened up all the borders, many countries would be flooded with economic migrants and many undesirable elements could arrive from countries which have not yet risen to a level in which the Creativity Age could take hold.

The EU allowed the lifting of borders and there was a great fear of economic migrants. But this did not hurt the EU, and in many cases it has worked itself out. The EU did demand from new entrants that they accept many structures as a condition of entry. For example all countries in the EU have to be democracies.

We can do the same for many other countries. We can demand that:
• They are all democracies.
• They must have an independent and not corrupt judiciary.
• They must allow for the free movement of their people.
• They must allow for private enterprises.
• They must allow for free trade.
• They must have a working and non-corrupt banking infrastructure.
• Their media must be free and not censured.
• Equal rights for all citizens irrespective of race, religion or gender.
• They must have a 30% Internet penetration.

If you meet these criteria, you can join the borderless club.

5. Get rid of evil people and bullies

faces-of-evil.jpgAs many wars are between countries, many wars are caused by thugs and despots. Civil wars are usually caused by power hungry thugs. Why the world turned a blind eye to Rwanda it was a disgrace. It would not have taken much to land a couple platoons of the French Foreign legion and stop the massacres. Why we allow the President of Sudan to practice genocide in Darfur is beyond me. Oh, he was indicted by the International Court in the Hague, great. How about just going and getting him?

And what about the thugs in Iran, who as a government policy torture and rape woman to death in their prisons? And yet world leaders remain mute!

The UN Human Right commission is dominated by the people who are some of the worse offenders of human rights.

This is a message for the peaceniks, politicians and those treading water in the sea of apathy. If you want peace, these regimes must be removed. Where are the feminists in condemning what is going on to woman in Iran? Where are the anti-racists when Robert Mugabe is starving his people? Where are the humanitarians when North Korea subjugates their people on a massive scale? If all you people raised your voice against these evil individuals, then we would have a much better chance at world peace.

6. Increase the role and stature of women
A society where women are equal and have an equal say is not the same society where women are subjugated and under the control of men. It is not because women believe in peace and war can therefore be avoided. It appears to me that woman leaders are just as likely to go to war as their male counterparts. It is because we have created an equitable society where every human being not matter what sex they are, has a chance to fulfill their dreams.

What has brought this equality is access to information which allows people to think for themselves.

7. Give the arms manufacturers an alternative way to make more money.

space-elevator.jpgMaking arms is very profitable. The US government spends hundreds of billions of dollars every year on the defense industry. We can’t just fire all these people from their high paying jobs. I am not saying the defense industries foster war (they may, I am not in the loop), but I do know that many communities depend on defense department dollars.

We need to give them another way to make money. I suggest pouring billions into the space program and billions into satellite technologies and other mechanisms to bring the Internet to everyone. These companies have the skills and intelligence and resources to do these tasks.

These companies could be involved in all sorts of leading edge technologies from energy technologies, to desalination, to communications and so on.

The deal should be is that you will not only be eligible for these contracts but will be given first priority, with one condition. You get out of the arms business. They have to make a choice: arms or the future.

8. Make world TV globally available with global translatorssusan-boyle-bgt-01-2009-04-12.jpg

This will be part of the new Internet world. But as we watch TV from all over the world we become one world. Now here again the politically correct come out in force and object to the dominance of American Media. My answer is, so what? What we want is the global experience. Don’t worry as access becomes easier more and more people will contribute to this global cultural experience. Americans have just been better at it because they have had more freedom and more money.

A world market will bring out many creative individuals from all over the world. Imagine how much excellent TV could be produced by the Chinese if they were given more freedom to do so.

9. More nude beaches

beautiful_beach.jpgI can just see myself losing all those people who have read up to here with some interest, but just stay with me on this one. It appears to me that with the exception of Yugoslavia, countries which allow for more public nudity tend to be more peaceful. Or to put it another way, countries or individuals who want to forbid public nudity tend to be more warlike.

I don’t think it is the nudity per se, but nude beaches represent a culture in which there are more freedoms and a culture which allows for pleasure. That’s the point: this really has to do with freedom and pleasure. A society which respects freedom and allows people to experience pleasure will be less warlike. People hang out on nude beaches because they like the freedom and it is pleasurable. If you and your family hang around naked on the beach with other families, you will get a little turned on and then you will go home and make love to your wife. You are not going to go home and dream about how you can drop bombs on some other nation.

10. New Global structures

You may have noticed I have not talked about global governments. Yes, we will need global structures, which allow us to function as a human race. The problem is that too many global institutions are corrupt, dominated by unsavory characters coming from unsavory countries. Many simply do not work.

Toyota-10fjcruiser9935.jpgHistorically speaking the UN has not been that successful at stopping wars. Additionally the UN Human Rights body is useless at stopping human rights abuses. Giving power to bureaucrats, "we the people" cannot control is a prescription for corruption and abuse. Would you really trust corrupt people to prevent war?

Why not set-up a Creativity Age Renewal Economy Club (CAREC)? For example, we could convince Toyota to open up a tractor assembly plant in Rwanda. The amount of bribes and corrupt practices that currently Toyota would have to engage in to even start such a project does not merit any effort to continue. The chance of making any profit is slim.

But let’s say Toyota is not to report to or pay any taxes to the Rwandan government. They are responsible to a non-corrupt world organization composed of representatives of Creativity Age governments and industries- CAREC. Instead of Toyota going to the Rwandan government, the Rwandan government has to come to CAREC and beg for the plant. Now they have to promise non-interference and no controls and they have to promise that any official or individual who breaks these conditions will be arrested. If not, the International Community can arrest that person and extradite him to the Hague to face trial.

Now let’s put in a bank using the same rules. And so on.

What does Rwanda get out of it? Economic activity. CAREC / Toyota promises to train, educate and hire the citizens of Rwanda. The government ofrwanda-1.jpg Rwanda can profit from this in two ways. One is a sales tax. Because there is now more economic activity, there is more money circulating in Rwanda. So if the government has a sales tax, their coffers should swell. Yes, they will have to figure out a way to collect that sales tax. Secondly 20% of the wages are put away into a CAREC fund, to be spent by CAREC in Rwanda. This fund could be used for construction, hospitals, schools, even supporting new businesses. This is basically income tax. But why not give it to the government of Rwanda? Well, because they cannot be trusted. They get the money once they join the “borderless club” (see above).

What does Toyota get out of this?

The losses they incur can be deducted from their world-wide profits at a multiplier of 1.5. This is foreign aid without governments having to spend money on foreign aid. It also builds the general wealth of the poorest nations allowing them to join the Creativity Age, buy Toyota cars and trucks and purchase goods from all over the world.

What would stop Toyota from becoming a major polluter in Rwanda? Well, currently all they would have to do to pollute is bribe some government individuals. CAREC does not tolerate excessive pollution. All CAREC companies must meet certain pollution standards. AlsoToyota’s world wide reputation would suffer if it got out that it was polluting excessively and their sales would suffer.

Why would Toyota not move production from other countries to Rwanda? If it was profitable for Toyota to build a plant in Rwanda it would already have done so. That’s why we have the 1.5 multiplier. It may have to be tweaked to encourage the building of such plants in poor underdeveloped countries and not closing plants in other parts of the world.

True capitalists will argue that this is not utilizing resources in the most productive way and therefore distorting the market. Some one always pays when the market is distorted. They would argue this is just welfare. No. This is charity. The capitalists often praise private individuals and corporations for giving to charities but will object to government’s welfare intervention. Well this is private charity, but instead of giving money away, they build institutions to bring these countries a step forward towards economic wealth.

The final argument that will be put forward against this is that this is returning to a time of colonialism. You can see the argument,”Rich white people taking over and paternalistically running the economies of black people.”

I've got news for you. First, you are assuming that all the people brought in by Toyota will be white. Shame on you. Secondly, some people are better at doing certain things, like building factories and running banks. These people (if they have any human compassion) should be doing these things and helping those in need by utilizing those talents. Eventually, these businesses and banks will train and be run by locals. To prevent these countries the opportunity to have that chance because the person with knowledge happens to be white is a disgrace, ridiculous and callous. This is one set of people helping another set of people to have a better life. That’s what being human should be all about. This is what the Creativity Age should be about.

What should we all do?

What can we do to foster World Peace? I for one would like to see all sorts of concrete suggestions on how to make these things happen. Let’s flesh these ideas out and put some meat on them. Let’s design some prototypes and maybe even implement them.

Why not use this article to foster discussion? The participants would need to answer some basic questions.

• If we implement this specific iWeCanHaveWorldPeace.jpgdea, will it lead to world peace?
• Could there be any unintended consequences? How could we deal with them?
• How can we practicalize these suggestions? Who would need to do what?
• Are there ideas we missed which could also lead us into the Creativity Age and a time of great peace?
• How do we deal with the naysayers and the “doom and gloomers”?
• How do we handle those who put a political agenda or personal gain ahead of implementing these strategies?

This should lead to some very spirited discussions. It could also lead to some really good practical suggestions.

If you have some practical suggestions please let us know. We will add them to this article so others can see and learn from them.

This effort will push us towards the Creativity Age.